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Holiday Gifts for All Interests

Still struggling with ideas for holiday gifts? Perhaps shopping by their interests will spark some inspiration. From passions to proclivities, we ideated some common themes and rounded up our favorite gift ideas for each.

The Beauty Maven

For that special someone who is all about self-care. Between decadent lotions to stunning Turkish towels, this guide is filled with luxuriously crafted and formulated finds that will serve as little notes from you saying, "take a break, you deserve it."

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for the Beauty Maven

1. Jack's Daughter Hand & Body Lotion 2. Jack's Daughter's Liquid Soap 3. Nara Soap Stand 4. Sounds Soap Bar 5. Antalya Towels 6. Sounds Bath Salts 7. Akita Wire Basket (shown in Narrow) 8. Opalite Gua Sha 9. Slope Candle Douter 10. Monterey 10" Taper Candle Set (shown in Clay) 11. Monterey 14" Taper Candle Set (shown in Natural White) 

Product Spotlight: our Akita Wire Baskets are crafted in brass for a chic way to keep their bathroom organized. With a range of different sizes and shapes, they are great for displaying anything from toiletries to towels, without sacrificing a serene aesthetic.

The Caffeine Addict

Whether they take tea or coffee, these essentials will sprinkle joy into the best part of their morning routine. The best part? Each day will start with a reminder of you, no matter if they are fueling on-the-go or at home.

 Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Caffeine Addict

1. Nichols Mug 2. Yamuna Orb Canisters (sold individually in three shapes) 3. Yaizu Coffee & Tea Scoops 4. Manza Tea Towels 5. Kensington Tea Strainer 6. Hikari Kōwa Organic Matcha 7. Brea Mug 8. Mai Lidded Cellars 9. Proper Syrup (available in Lavender and Vanilla)

Product Spotlight: the Yamuna Orb Canisters are ample in size, making them a great place to store beans for the hardcore coffee drinker. Pair with a Yaizu or Xela Coffee Scoop and they'll have a stylish new spot to keep their fuel.

The Foodie

We all know that person who has the best recipes, pantry stockpile, and restaurant recommendations. The gourmand in your life deserves to have high-quality tools and treats in their kitchen arsenal, and we think they'll find any of these gifts to be *chef's kiss*.

 Holiday Gift Guides - Gift Ideas for the Foodie

1. Bexley Grazing Board 2. Colaba Cooking Utensils 3. Otobe Brass Bowls 4. Amate Dessert Coaster Set (shown in Pixi) 5. Tikal Cooking Spoon (shown in Pixi) 6. Zuni Spatula (shown in Teak) 7. Ladue Cheese Knives Set 8. Oaxaca Spoon Rest 9. Mai Lidded Cellars with Spoons 10. Rozelle Fruit Bowl 

Product Spotlight: our Amate Dessert Coasters are a fun way to make a sweet tooth fix a special moment shared. Whether they're enjoying cupcakes, sundaes, croissants, or scones, they can display them proudly with an accompanying utensil or beverage.

The Design Enthusiast

Trendsetter. Tastemaker. Whatever you call it, they're it. This person loves to stay ahead of the curve and curate a style that is authentically theirs. Delight their keen eye with these striking pieces that also have inspired backstories.

Holiday Gift Guides - Gifts for the Design Enthusiast

 1. Roca Ashtray (shown in Black) 2. Navarre Lidded Loop Baskets 3. Tennyson Marble Taper Holders 4. Tassa Lumbar Pillow 5. Moraga Lumbar Pillow 6. Wait Ceramic Bowl (shown in Natural Speckled Tall) 7. Taronga Square Pillow 8. Alta Vase 9. Nayarit Coaster Sets 10. Aklan Incense Box (shown in Amber)

Product Spotlight: each Navarre Lidded Loop Basket is crafted by hand in Stillwater, Minnesota with a decorative handle for easy opening and a touch of the unexpected. Your loved one can pop them on their shelf or nightstand as a charming spot to stash life's miscellaneous items. It can also double as a gift box for other presents.

The Wanderluster

Do you have a loved one who seems to spend more time in the sky than down on earth? These items are inspired by a love for travel, serving as little reminders of their jetsetting dreams whenever they are home.

Holiday Gift Guides - Travel Inspired Gift Ideas for the Wanderluster

1. Kariba Baskets 2. Ward Object 3. Rho Object 4. Chinhoyi Baskets 5. Bronte Photo Holder 6. Zava Keepsake Boxes 7. Saikai Dessert Fork 8. Saikai Dessert Spoon 9. Banks Leather Bowl 10. Luangwa Basket

Product Spotlight: the Saikai Dessert Fork and Spoon are petite in size and perfect for packing along on big and little adventures. If your recipient is an adventurer, these can be popped into a backpack for meals while hiking, or into a carry-on to reduce waste during an overseas trip.

Happy gifting, friends!

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