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A Journey Through Style: Thrifty with a Compass x Story & Teller

Photos of Thrifty with a Compass at Story & Teller in the North Loop Minneapolis for Sip & Shop Event

Traveling holds a special place in my heart. Experiencing new cultures, cuisines, and landscapes ignites a fire within me, no matter if it is within the country or abroad. Yet, amidst the thrill of discovery, I've come to deeply cherish the comfort and ease of home. It's where I find solace in the familiar, where memories are etched into the walls, and where I can truly unwind. My love for travel is only rivaled by my love for the sanctuary of home - a duality of curiosity and contentment.

Whenever I cross paths with fellow wanderlusters, I find I often feel an instant connection, and it was no exception when I met the duo behind Thrifty with a Compass, Wunmi and Sophia. The best friend pair met while attending the University of Wisconsin then took their bond abroad with trips across the globe -everywhere from their first getaway to Belize to the breathtaking terrains of Iceland to an upcoming group adventure in Mexico.

While our shared love for travel is what initially connected us, I also learned they share an appreciation for home, and seek to curate spaces that feels authentically theirs, where they can retreat, recharge, and reimagine their next adventure. As professionals who are frequently on the go - whether it be for their latest trip or simply to explore hidden gems in their cities - I thought their story and style picks would resonate with so many others.

Thrifty With A Compass Shopping Guide

I invited the duo into the shop during Sophia's most recent visit from Milwaukee to get to know one another, swap travel stories, and allow them to experience the products from our Makers. I should have known better than to have movie tickets for that night - I could have chatted with them for hours more! The depth of their friendship is immediately apparent, each different in many ways, but with such mutual care and common interests. It was a blast seeing what each of them gravitated towards for the shopping guide.

Check out their picks and reasons why they felt drawn to them below!

Sophia's Picks

  1. Tikal Cooking Spoon in PixiTikal, Guatemala was one of the first countries Wunmi & I visited together! We have one of the most interesting stories from that place :) Not only did I fall in love with the purposeful story behind this item, but I love the marbling print— each spoon being unique to story.
  2. Nokomis Cup in Indigo: I’m a very “neutral” person, but that makes me appreciate a bold statement here and there. This glass caught my attention, as I loved the pop of color and print it would add to any kitchen. 
  3. Whole Food Cooking Every Day: As a pescatarian, I’m always looking for new recipes that are hearty and healthy. I find it challenging sometimes to make meals high in protein and nutrients, so this cookbook will be helpful. And a James Beard award? I know this cookbook will have it all. 
  4. Adair Dinner Bowl and 5. Adair Dinner PlateThe quality of the plate & bowl are so sturdy and beautiful. I love the “rawness” of the pieces since it’s only glazed on the inside where it needs to be waterproof and food-safe. It gives the exterior a fun texture!

Wunmi's Picks

  1. Akita Wire Basket (shown in square): I need like 5 of these baskets! They are perfectly imperfect and there is something very beautiful and relatable about that. I’m also really into gold accessories these days so it fits right in with my home decor. 
  2. The Home Café: I was really excited when I saw this recipe book - one because it’s aesthetically stunning and two because I’m a huge fan of all things coffee and tea. I also liked that the book was small enough for me to bring with on our travels, in case I want to get creative with my morning cup while traveling! 
  3. The Greenhouse Candle: Candles can transport you to different regions around the world through smell. I love the outdoorsy and fresh feel of this candle because it reminds me of being in nature, which is something we enjoy. Plus they make for the perfect gifts! 
  4. Taronga Lumbar Pillow in Olive: This caught my eye the moment I walked in the store! The velvet material gives it a little bit of luxury, while the muted color palette keeps it practical. That’s a lot like our approach to travel. Practical luxury. Plus it’s from Sydney which was the first stop on my honeymoon! 
  5. Between Worlds (also a Sophia pick!): I am such a visual person - I immediately gravitated towards the beauty and rawness of this book, that captures imagery from intimate moments in travel. It’s so inspiring and a lovely coffee table book. 

    Thank you Wunmi and Sophia for sharing your favorites from our current collection!  Check out Thrifty With A Compass and give them a follow on Instagram.

    Now off to go daydream about my next trip...

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