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Earl Ceramics

Although Earl Home was originally founded by Chris Earl, it wasn't until his wife, Amber, joined that it took off. Over a decade later, the two continue to operate the business in collaboration, bringing their handmade furnishings and ceramics to clients that range from interior designers to restaurateurs. With details inspired by Scandinavian and Papua New Guinea, each piece is crafted with a precise attention to detail and emphasis on quality construction.

A Q&A with the Chris and Amber Earl

Q: What inspired you two to start Earl Home?

Chris has designed and made furniture since 2005 and I (Amber) worked in the fashion industry for almost a decade. I managed sales for multiple brands, and there was some marketing and PR experience mixed in there. Once we had our first baby we thought it was time to bring our talent together and to focus solely on the family business. We put all efforts into EARL and we’ve been going strong since 2013 after we launched our first collection.

How did you learn your crafts of woodworking and ceramics?

Chris apprenticed with this craftsman Stephen Ritson back in 2005 which is where he learned wood working. He took some pottery classes in college and continued to visit studios and throw ceramics from that point on.

Where do you draw inspiration from for creating your products?

Traveling is the best way to get inspired. There’s nothing better than learning from other cultures.

If you had to pick one mug style and finish from your collection, which would it be?

Chris would say the double handle in black splatter (Nichols Mug), I would say the circle mug in lilac (Brea Mug)

Coffee or tea?

Cold Brew all the way

Describe your ideal Saturday morning.

A nice cup of cold brew, slow start, a walk or hike with the whole fam, estate sale, hang by our pool and garden while the kids swim… have some friends or family over for an early bbq dinner. Finish up with s’mores and coffee by the fire pit with whoever is still hangin.. A show or a movie before bed, just Chris and I.

Los Angeles, California

Ownership & Values: Woman-Owned and BIPOC