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Gift Ideas for Everyone On Your List

Holiday Gift Boxes GIF With Thanksgiving past us, we are officially in the full swing of the holiday season. Between family gatherings, company parties, bake days, and end-of-year work deadlines, we know all too well how hectic this time of year can feel. The last thing you need is to spend every weekend running all over scouting for gifts for all your special people. Just like your love for them, whatever you choose should withstand the test of time - but that doesn't mean it should take all of your free time to find it!

Holiday Gift Guides

We wanted to help take some stress out of the season. Consider it as a gifting GPS - a friendly guide to aid you on your journey to finding those perfect pieces. Each guide was curated using our own loved ones as inspiration, allowing you to easily select a meaningful present for everyone from your mom to your best friend to your partner. No matter the recipient, your gift will go beyond the ordinary to showcase craftsmanship and let you create beautiful moments and memories together.

Click the product name below each guide to shop and read full descriptions.

Gifts for Your Bestie

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

1. Wait Ceramic Bowls 2. Cielo Mug 3. The Garden Candle 4. Pacaya Chain Object 5. Eau de Mezcal Incense 6. Tennyson Marble Taper Candle Holders 7. Aklan Incense Box 8. Nokomis Glass Cups 9. Cebu Pillow 10. Banks Leather Bowl 11. Leandro Lumbar Pillow

Product Spotlight: the Banks Leather Bowl is crafted in raw leather in an asymmetrical oval shape, making it both a statement piece for their dresser or console and a space to stash their odds and ends. This is perfect for your bestie if they're always on the go or love to accessorize, keeping everything from keys to jewelry nice and organized.

Gifts for Him

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Him

1. May Cocktail Shaker 2. Xela Coffee Scoop (Shown in Pixi) 3. Roca Ashtray (Shown in Amber) 4. The Lumberjack Soy Candle 5. Ward Object (Shown in Lichen) 6. Rho Object (Shown in Lichen) 7. Solana Planter with Saucer - Shown with Solana Wooden Plant Stand 8. Bronte Photo Holder 9. Amer Drink Charms 10. Bourbon Cocktail Cherries 11. Tengu Incense Stand (Shown in Round)

Product Spotlight: our Ward and Rho Decorative Objects come in four different glazes that will add earthy richness to his space. The cairn-inspired shape is ideal for the outdoorsy type, plus it has a secret interior compartment to store his small personal items.

 Gifts For Your Mom

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Your Mom or Mother-in-law1. Tilles Measuring Cup Set 2. Palma Keepsake Boxes (Shown in All Three Sizes) 3. Rosalia Decorative Bowl 4. Tilles Measuring Spoon Set 5. Milia Napkin Set of Four 6. The Solarium Soy Candle 7-9. Yamuna Orb Canisters in (7) Round, (8) Short, and (9) Tall 10. Leona Napkin Ring Set 11. Brisbane Throw Blanket

Product Spotlight: our Yamuna Orb Canisters are sleek and oversized, making them wonderful for storing dry goods on their counter or in their pantry. From coffee beans to pasta to rolled oats, they keep all their go-to ingredients easily at hand.

Gifts For The Hostess Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for the Hostess or Host

1. Ladue Serving Utensil Set 2. Manza Tea Towel 3. Bexley Grazing Board (Shown in Round) 4. Yamuna Orb Cruet Set 5. Amer Orb Drink Charms 6. Meena Fluted Tumblers (Shown in Short) 7. Amate Dessert Coaster Set (Shown in Pixi) 8. Winter Solstice Candle 9. Caladesi Linen Napkin (Shown in Grey) Set 10. Ladue Cheese Knives Set

Product Spotlight: both of the Bexley Grazing Boards are oversized, making them ideal for larger gatherings. Gift to the hostess/host in your life as a lovely tray to flaunt their charcuterie skills or showcase an impressive spread of h'ors d'oeuvres.

Gifts For Your Work BFF

Holiday Gift Guide - Gift Ideas for Your Work BFF

1. Jack's Daughters Incense Cones (choose from four scents) 2. Lodhi Bottle Opener 3. Xela Coffee Scoop (shown in Pixi) 4. Opalite Gua Sha 5. Proper 
Simple Syrup in Lavender 6. Proper Simple Syrup in Vanilla 7. Sounds Bath Salts (choose from four blends) 8. Kensington Tea Strainer 9. Winter Solstice Candle 10. Brea Mug 11. Hadley Wide Glass Straws (available in Lavender, Milk, Onyx, and Smoke)

Product Spotlight: we always recommend going with sips, scents, or self-care for coworkers, since they are universal crowd pleasers. If you know they prefer coffee or tea, the Kensington Tea Strainer paired with loose leaf tea or Xela Coffee paired with coffee beans are each fantastic ideas to give them a festive caffeine boost.

We hope this gives you some helpful inspiration to start crossing off your shopping list. Have a lovely weekend!

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