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Interior James x Story & Teller Shopping Guide

Interior James x Story & Teller Shopping Guide

Although Instagram can be a bit of a drag at this point, we still love how it links us to so many incredible Makers, local businesses, and designers. One of the serendipitous social media connections we've made is with Tanner Clausen, the talented creator behind Interior James. Tanner shares our passion for all things interior design, crafting an authentic style all his own in his charming St. Louis Park home. Although he works in the marketing industry, he began documenting his own renovations on social media this past fall, and it has blossomed into a beautiful following and further opportunities to keep showcasing his creativity.

Needless to say, it was a match made in algorithm heaven.

A Beautiful Beginning

Tanner has a knack for transforming spaces into cozy, elegant retreats, and his love for sophisticated, yet whimsical designs is right up our alley. After meeting in person at our Grand Opening in April, we invited him in to reconnect 1:1, giving us more time to talk about his journey with Interior James, his latest creative endeavor (more to come soon), and his favorite discoveries in our shop. We might be biased, but we can't stop swooning over his picks!

The Interior James shopping guide is just the beginning of a beautiful creative collaboration, and we can't wait to share more details in the upcoming months. Until then, here are Tanner's favorites and details on why he was drawn to each.

Interior James x Story & Teller Shopping Guide

Click the italicized product name to shop Tanner's picks: 
1. Between Worlds: "If you know me, you know I am a sucker for a good coffee table book. I recommend to everyone if you're looking to style a coffee table or shelving go buy a handful of coffee table books, but be conscious of the covers; stick to colors and prints that will look good in your home... this book does just that. Plus, it can actually be a good read, too. (*I've flipped through a few pages in the store already!)"
2.  Brisbane Throw Blanket: "I love a good neutral throw on the arm of a chair, styled on a couch or layered at the end of the bed. The fabric and feel of this throw is TRULY unmatched. It feels so so luxe. So everybody, go buy this and thank me later :) "
3.  Xaya Pitcher: "I am such a sucker for unique ceramics. This piece is beautiful styled on it owns or having a little moment on a table with fresh floral or artificial stems. The color of this vase is so true to my neutral heart, too!"
4.  Alta Vase: "Okay I had to add another ceramic piece into my must-haves because this piece is too good. I love the feminine shape of this piece and would love to style it in a bedroom with some dried or fresh floral inside. The color is so neutral and can match in style you are going for. Can you imagine this style on a nightstand?! So good!" 
5.  The Lavande No. 7: "I think everyone's home should have a scent that you stick by and that everyone knows "oh wow this smells like Tanner's house." The key is to use a scent that's unique but not overpowering... trust me when I say this candle is that. It's cozy and luxe and comfortable. It is THE house scent."
6. Caden Marble Bowl: "My biggest design tip for curating items in your home is to use pieces that have multi-use and look pretty too! This bowl does just that. I love using these bowls on nightstands to hold jewelry, or placing them on shelves for a little shelf-styling moment! Also, this marble is just so timeless and looks so good no matter your design style."
"When I learned of Story and Teller opening in my old neighborhood, I was so excited. I love the intention behind each and every one of the products offered. The level of curation doesn't not go unnoticed. I also love how so many of the pieces offered would make great gifts for my friends but also look so good in my home! Bravo Story & Teller... so happy you are here!" 
Thank you so much for your kind works, Tanner! We can't wait for all that lies ahead for Interior James.
Be sure to follow Interior James on Instagram for his latest projects, style picks, and DIY inspiration.
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