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Meaningful Gifts for Mother's Day

As Mother's Day approaches, it's time to honor the incredible woman or women who shaped your life. While a single day will never be enough, it is a wonderful reason to celebrate and find a thoughtful gift that encapsulates your appreciation for her unwavering love and support. I know it may feel like a tall task to convey your gratitude with a gift, which is why I carefully selected each item in this collection with my own mom in mind. For those of you who were here for Story & Teller's very first day, you got to meet her! My twin. My confidant. My rock. My biggest fan.
Is there anything quite like the bond with your mom (given or chosen)?
My own does it all - travels, cooks, sews, hikes, hosts, cares for our family - it truly feels like there is nothing she couldn't do. With that in mind, I drew so much inspiration in curating the goods for our Mother's Day lineup this year. Each product is not only beautiful, but has that added magic of being made my actual people with tons of heart. I deeply believe that knowing the story behind your gift makes that much more special to receive - and your mom deserves that added thoughtfulness!

Mother's Day 2024 Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide with Story & Teller Products Listed Below
Matriarch soaps will be available the second week of May. Contact us to pre-order. 1. Matriarch Mineral Salt Soak in Exotic Rose 2. Caladesi Napkin Set (Shown in Charcoal) 3. Rozelle Fruit Bowl 4. Best Mom Ever Greeting Card 5. Matriarch Gentle Hand Soap in Tuberose Frangipani 6. Matriarch Gentle Body Lotion in Tuberose Frangipani 7. Delmar Cutting Boards 8. Ladue Cheese Knives Set 9. I Love You Mom Greeting Card 10. Pompeii Candle 11. Woman Made Book
Even though these are some favorites, we have plenty of other fantastic options in the shop. Browse the full list of gifts worthy for mom here.
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